Independent Kitchen Design was set up by Roger Allen in 2007 to provide a design service to home owners within the London area.  He is a kitchen designer with over 32 years designing kitchens. His aim is to:-

  • Provide professional kitchen designs and plans to the home owner for a set fee without their obligation to buy anything
  • Provide a highly personalised service so that the client gets what they want rather then what a salesman wants them to buy.

Since then Independent Kitchen Design has been used by architects, builders , developers as well as individual home owners all over the country. Some of the reasons given for the success of the service seem to be :-

  • People have been unimpressed by the service currently being offered by kitchen suppliers which seems to be sales based rather then design based
  • Companies will not give out detailed plans unless they receive a deposit and therefore clients are restricted to seeing the design in the showroom whilst being constantly pressured to buy.
  • There are many very good on line kitchen suppliers that do not provide a design service.
  • There are many builders that are more then capable of installing a kitchen that are not skilled at designing a kitchen
  • People want to be in a strong negotiating position when purchasing a kitchen so being able to get many quotations from the same plan is very helpful

Cost: £250 – Kitchen Design inc Site Visit, Plan, Elevations, Perspectives & Unit List (within M25)

If you want to learn more then use the links or ring me for a chat :- 07521 284013

"Roger doesn't try to sell you anything" Anne Robinson Independent Kitchen design est 2007

Roger Allen is a kitchen designer with more than 32 years experience designing kitchens.
I am trained in both hand drawing and computer aided design and use a system that is world class.
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